Protecting the quality of the water in our waterways


Reducing costs, maximizing output and ensuring longer service life of facilities


Guaranteeing quality service through integrated, innovative solutions

For over two decades, the SIMO team has worked in the field of wastewater treatment facilities management, operation and maintenance for both municipal and industrial clients. Its proven methods and qualified personnel enable SIMO to master all phases of operations, from pre-treatment to primary, secondary and tertiary treatment to the final disposal of sludge. With the expertise it has developed, SIMO can provide a full range of top-notch services that address all of the challenges inherent in managing and operating wastewater transportation and treatment facilities.

SIMO can also work in customized partnership arrangements on partial subcontracts or system design, optimization or upgrade projects.

SIMO has long been recognized for its leadership, reliability, diverse expertise and innovative approach, relying on state-of-the-art technologies and its affiliation with one of the largest engineering firms in the country, which has numerous wastewater purification projects to its credit.

SIMO's goal is to protect the ecological balance of our lakes and rivers by ensuring high-performance wastewater treatment facilities and identifying optimal, economical solutions for municipalities and industries.