City of Gatineau

Project description

The contract was divided into two components, one involving a study of the drainage basin itself and the other involving flow measurements.

The flow measurements were taken in the drainage basin of the Ruisseau des Fées using area velocity flowmeters at two measurement points over six weeks.

Services provided

  • Flow and precipitation measurements
  • Analysis and characterization of episodes observed by site
  • Assessment of need for additional surveys
  • Identification of five sites for installation and operation of flowmeters supplied by the City
  • Installation and operation of the five flowmeters for a maximum period of 12 weeks
  • Compilation, analysis and validation of results
  • Selection of episodes and incidents to be included in calibration and validation of digital model of sewer systems for the catchment basin being studied
  • Report for each campaign
  • Comparison of flow and rainwater data
  • Validation of flow using rhodamine dye tracing

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