Management of Port of Montreal Water Supply System

Project description

The contract involved managing and operating the drinking water supply system in partnership with the Port of Montreal to ensure the proper functioning of the water supply system, maximize the service life of the infrastructure and provide the Port of Montreal's clients with sufficient high-quality water that meets the established standards.

The Port of Montreal's water supply system has 45 kilometres of pipes, supplying:

  • Water for fire protection
  • Water for various facilities
  • Drinking water for vessels

There are over 50 supply points for vessels berthing at the port and, depending on numbers, the vessels can berth at any point. Our contract involves ensuring that the water supplied is always top quality and in compliance with standards.

Services provided

  • Supervise management and operation
  • Carry out annual inspection of fire hydrants and shut-off valves
  • Provide a computerized report, including inspection results and condition of fire hydrants
  • Inspect shut-off valves
  • Perform annual manipulation and inspection of all valves in the system
  • Perform annual rinsing sequences
  • Perform monthly rinsing of each water supply point according to an established sequence
  • Perform annual detection of leaks throughout entire system
  • Perform monthly rinsing of the Port of Montreal's five sectors
  • Comply with regulations on quality of drinking water
  • Provide 24-hour-a-day, year-round emergency service
  • Carry out regular quality monitoring of the system by taking regular samples in each of the five sectors

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