City of Montreal – CCTV Inspection Using a Camera with Telephoto Lens

Project description

The project ran for three years and involved inspecting, assessing and analyzing 8,400 manholes and sewer pipes on various streets and in various boroughs of the city of Montreal.

A total length of about 570 kilometres of sanitary, storm and combined pipes varying in diameter from 255 mm to 2,600 mm was inspected and analyzed in order to issue a diagnostic of the state of deterioration of the manholes and pipes.

Services provided

  • Preparation of inspection routes
  • Management of applications for authorizations and permits
  • Field validation of manholes
  • Modification of site differences in the plans
  • Visual inspection of manholes using a camera with telephoto lens
  • Inspection of sewer pipes using a camera with telephoto lens
  • Reporting of major anomalies within 24 hours to the person responsible for the affected borough
  • Analysis of data from the inspections by qualified personnel (NASSCO) at our offices
  • Quality control
  • Submission of photographic reports

Key features and monitoring of costs and schedules

  • Optimization of the field identification process to plan the type of detection required appropriately
  • Adjustment of our work equipment in response and to maintain required pace of the project
  • Close monitoring of project progress, schedule and costs. Billing according to contract terms

Particular attention was paid to detection in order to minimize the impact of field work on traffic and residents. To reduce the impact on traffic, our teams carried out night-time inspections in various strategic locations, primarily highway access ramps, service roads, the core downtown area and a few main thoroughfares in the city.

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