City of Laval – CCTV Inspection Using a Camera with Telephoto Lens

Project description

In completing Phase II of the City's action plan, the City of Laval wanted to determine the condition of a number of sewer pipes, primarily sections where the infrastructure of the streets affected had been given potential priority status due to a variety of factors.

The project involved inspecting, examining and assessing 1,900 manholes and sewer pipes on various streets identified by the City of Laval. A total length of approximately 130 kilometres of sanitary and combined sewer pipes varying in diameter from 150 mm to 1,500 mm was inspected and analyzed in order to issue a diagnostic of the state of deterioration of the manholes and pipes.

Services provided

  • Preparation of a data base and loading onto the work tools
  • Preparation of inspection routes
  • Field validation of manholes
  • Modification of site differences in the plans
  • Visual inspection of manholes using a camera with telephoto lens
  • Inspection of sewer pipes using a camera with telephoto lens
  • Analysis of data from the inspections by qualified personnel at our offices
  • Quality control
  • Identification of priorities for maintenance and rehabilitation of sewer systems
  • Preparation of assessment report on the condition of the sewer pipes

Key features and monitoring of costs and schedules

  • Site work and delivery of analyses on time
  • Monthly billing according to contract
  • No request for additional fees and project completed according to initial estimates
  • Incorporation of results of sewer system inspections into the City's process of establishing an action plan for the drinking water and sewer systems

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