Operation of Cowansville Wastewater Treatment Plant – Activated Sludge

Project description


  • "Activated sludge" extended aeration treatment plant
  • Population served: 12,400 people
  • Also serves an industrial park
  • Capacity: Average flow 16,800 m³/day

Main components

  • Three wastewater pumping stations
  • Twenty overflow systems
  • Pre-treatment (one screen rake, one aerated grit tank)
  • Oxidation ditches (using Magna brush-type surface aerators)
  • Secondary settling tanks
  • Chemical phosphate removal
  • Thickening by flotation
  • Dehydration of sludge using strip filters

Complexity and key features

  • Pumping station located in a flood zone
  • Influence of industrial sector
  • Collection of sludge from septic tanks

Services provided

  • Management, operation and maintenance of structures
  • Process optimization
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Preparation of monthly and annual reports

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