Operation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities for the Cities of Chambly and Richelieu

Project description


  • "Optional lagoon aeration" treatment plant
  • Population served: 30,000 people
  • Also serves a sizeable industrial sector
  • Capacity: Average flow 20,000 m³/day; peak 40,000 m³/day

Main components

  • Four pumping stations (two head-end, two mid-system)
  • Pre-treatment, one screen rake
  • Four aerated lagoons
  • Thirty-one surface aerators

Complexity and key features

  • High-capacity pumping station that raises water over 30 metres
  • Pumping station located near a riverfront park, requiring odour treatment
  • Complex monitoring system for each of the pumps (flow, pressure and temperature)
  • Optional maintenance of air vents for the discharge pipe
  • Agri-food industries require annual drainage of lagoon sludge

Services provided

  • Management, operation and maintenance
  • Industry monitoring
  • Process optimization
  • Preparation and management of operating budget
  • Preparation of monthly and annual reports

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