Management and Operation of the City of Boisbriand Treatment Plant

Project description


  • Management, operation and maintenance
  • Treatment plant using biofiltration (Biostyr)
  • Population served: 27,000 people
  • Also serves a large industrial park
  • Capacity: Average flow 15,000 m³/day; hourly peak 45,000 m³/day

Main components of treatment plant

  • Wastewater pumping station
  • Pre-treatment (one fine screen rake, one aerated grit tank)
  • One standard physico-chemical settling tank
  • One Actiflo tertiary settling tank using ballasted floc
  • Biostyr biofiltration
  • Chemical phosphate removal
  • Sludge thickening using Actiflo ballasted floc settling tank

Complexity and key features

  • Management and operation of nine wastewater pumping stations
  • Management and operation of two drinking water pumping stations
  • Management and operation of a drinking water reservoir
  • Sizeable variation in loads discharged by industries
  • Plant located in a residential neighbourhood (odour constraints)

Services provided

  • Management and operation of treatment plant
  • Management and operation of drinking water pressure-booster station
  • Process optimization
  • Preparation and management of operating budget
  • Production of monthly and annual reports

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