Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant – Food Sector

Project description


  • Agri-food sector
  • "Biosequential reactor" treatment plant
  • Capacity: Average flow 300 m³/day
  • Loads treated: 30 kg/day of SS, 308 kg/day of BOD5 and 2.4 kg/day of total P

Main components

  • Parshall flume flow measurement
  • Buffer tank
  • Biological reactor
  • Fine bubble air diffuser blowers and system
  • Automated control systems with operator interface
  • Iron sulfate dosing system (phosphate removal)
  • Sludge settling lagoons

Complexity and key features

  • Plant located in a residential area (odours)
  • Sizeable variations in load into the tributary
  • Quality of discharges unforeseeable at times, which can cause toxic shock in microfauna
  • Frequent problem with filamentary bacteria, which prevent proper settling
  • Dosing of products to neutralize the buffer tank
  • Complex automation system

Services provided

  • Management and operation
  • Process optimization
  • Expert opinions
  • Supply management
  • Preparation of monthly reports

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