Operation of Local and Regional Pumping Stations - Boucherville

Project description

Regional pumping stations

  • Six regional pumping stations: De La Barre, Bachand, Viau, Jodoin, De Varennes and De Mésy
  • Ten overflow structures

Local pumping stations

  • Eighteen local pumping stations: 160 de Montarville, Eiffel, Louis Pasteur, Chemin du Tremblay, De Coulomb, Ampère, Le Baron, De Verrazano, Chemin du Lac, Jean-Maneau, Jean-Bois, Fréchette, D’Avaugour, J-A. Bombardier, De Mortagne, Thomas-Pépin, Général-Vanier, and Antoine-Girouard
  • Overflow structures

Services provided

  • Management, operation and maintenance of the stations
  • Management and supervision of subcontractors
  • 24-hour alarm response
  • Monitoring of overflows
  • Production of monthly and annual reports


Some of the pumping stations do not have overflow systems. The system covers a sizeable industrial sector. Two of the stations are equipped with high-capacity water hammer control tanks.

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