Monitoring of Industrial Discharge for the City of Boisbriand

Project description

The City of Boisbriand has a number of industries within its jurisdiction, particularly in the agri-food sector, which discharge liquid waste into the municipal sewer system for treatment at the wastewater plant. Because the industrial pollutant load is significant and has a major impact on the proper functioning of the treatment plant, the City of Boisbriand wishes to monitor discharge from these industries to:

  • Ensure compliance with municipal by-laws governing discharge into the sewer system
  • Learn more about the nature and load of the discharge into the sewer system
  • Enforce the by-laws in the event of non-compliance

Since 2004, SIMO has performed characterization campaigns of over 36 industries located in the City of Boisbriand's jurisdiction.

Services provided

  • Random characterizations of three or four industries per week
  • Length of characterization four days
  • Measurements of flow for each campaign
  • Characterization report for each campaign
  • Technical support

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