City of Matane – Identification of Pollution Source

Project description

For a few years, the City of Matane had noted significant annual variations in the organic load received at the wastewater treatment plant. The load variations had an impact on the proper functioning of the wastewater treatment process.

The City therefore contracted SIMO to identify areas or industries that could be contributing to the significant variation in the overall load at the wastewater treatment plant. The City also asked SIMO to analyze its municipal by-law regarding wastewater discharges into the sewer system and provide comments and recommendations.

Services provided

  • Review and analysis of current data regarding load received at the plant
  • Identification and characterization of the various basins in the system to establish a record of loads.
  • Thirty 48-hour characterization campaigns to establish a breakdown of loads
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Preparation of a final report and recommendations

Measurement of flow by area

Recording of flow over a number of days and at various points in the City's sanitary sewer system. Primary flow elements and area velocity sensors were used for this work.

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