Drinking water

Quality water for residents

Drinking water

Reducing costs, maximizing output and ensuring longer service life of facilities

Drinking water

Guaranteeing quality service through integrated, innovative solutions



  • Diagnostics of existing facilities
  • Water treatability studies
  • Process optimization
  • Equipment upgrade studies
  • Increase in treatment capacity
  • Pilot studies for various treatment options

SIMO's multidisciplinary team also provides à-la-carte study services in order to resolve various issues related to operation of drinking water treatment facilities.

Studies cover a wide range of areas, including diagnostics of existing facilities, improvement of water quality through better processes or adjustments to existing equipment, technical feasibility studies, engineering studies and cost estimates.

SIMO relies on its vast network of specialists (SIMO and Dessau) in numerous areas, including water chemistry, instrumentation and control, electromechanics and all engineering-related fields.