Drinking water

Quality water for residents

Drinking water

Reducing costs, maximizing output and ensuring longer service life of facilities

Drinking water

Guaranteeing quality service through integrated, innovative solutions

Facilities operation


  • Operation of drinking water purification plants
  • Establishment of highly qualified teams
  • Development of work procedures
  • Development of preventive maintenance programs
  • Automation and instrumentation
  • Programming and integration of control systems
  • Calibration and repair of control instruments and equipment
  • Preparation of operating manuals
  • Training of personnel regarding new standards

The SIMO team is made up of engineers, technicians, operators, mechanics, electricians and specialists in chemistry, automation, instrumentation and control. The team can handle all aspects of managing, operating and maintaining drinking water treatment facilities. They rely on the latest in technological tools in order to program and integrate control systems and develop computerized maintenance programs, among other things.